All of the schoolphotos are used with kind permission of Mark Krueger.
You find his site at my linkpage!
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The drama class at Lincoln-Way high school.
Karla is first from left in the front row.
Another classphoto from Karlas highschool days in Lincoln-Way.
Karla sits third from right in the front row.
The childhood friends Billie Best and Karla got together again when Karla joined Orchestra Luna in 1976.
Used by kind permission of Rick Berlin.
The Pawnee tribe, who was one of several "tribes" who did the musical Hair.
Karla joined in the fall of -73.
Thanks David James, for letting me use the picture!
The Pawnee tribe were from left :
Dolly Lauria,Christine Marchese,Karla DeVito,
Carol Penner,Allison Newland,Gary Gibbons,
Jo Ann Brown-El,Fred Wigington,Jimmy Wolfe,
Sammy Chester,Carol Rogers,David James,Greg Fox
On stage with the second setup of Orchestra Luna.
Too bad that microphone was in the way,
pictures of OL and Karla are very rare!
Thanks Rick for letting me use the picture!
Karla and Jim Steinman.
Photo : unknown source.
The Chicago cast of Godspell.
From left to right, back row first:
Jim Parks, Carol McGill, Sammy Chester, Richard Gilliland, James Zubiena.
Jo Ann Brown-El, Tricia Smith, Howard Sponseller, Gigi Williams, Mark Ganzel
Joe Mantegna, Karla DeVito, Dan Stone
Fran Uditsky, Nancy McCall
Thanks Sloan Peters for the picture!
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Live at Bottom Line in November 1977 !
Big THANKS to Bob Gruen for his kind permission !
Probably one of the earliest performances.
A slightly more worn out Meat Loaf then in 1977 ?
Unknown source.
Meat and Karla "giving of sparks" as Steinman later wrote in another song !
photographer unknown.
Rock and Roll !
Image from a Swedish magazine,
photographer unknown.
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Orchestra Luna with Liz and Karla !
Here's one of the rare pictures !
Liz Gallagher and Karla on stage.
Many thanks to Kile for sharing this rarity.
A third picture of Karla and OL
can be seen here !
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Karla, Robby and The Roylae Canadian Dismounted Band !
Unique picture from 1981 and the recording of Karlas christmas single.
The bands real name was Office and they were from left to right :
Malcolm Swann vocals, Vincent F. Evans guitar, Robbie Benson, Karla DeVito,
Phil Young drums and Jeff Sawatzky on bass.
Big thanks to Vincent for sharing the picture !
He also tells the following story :
" The whole thing came about when I began chatting with Karla on the set of Running Brave, a film starring Robbie Benson, in which OFFICE vocalist, Malcolm Swann and I had miniscule parts as extras.
Canadian jazz legend Tommy Banks also played on the record and had a small part in the film."
Vincent F. Evans.
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Orchestra Luna in 1977.
BIG thanks to Don Hanover who also holds the © for this picture !